Important PC decisions thus far

From my point of view we have had.

Grift: Having sex with a young woman who’s brother would probably castrate him. Being an ass as a character aspect.
Luron: He is a pretty kitty
Maelx: helping the party
Aranel: A wizard of for now unknown intentions to me
Magu: A monk who has taken Theodosia under her wing.
Kealm: Leadership decisions, not lending money to Theo,

Important NPC decisions, deaths, and other interactions.

Aldern Foxglove:A seemingly rich young man who has issues keeping a hold on his wallet with Amber around him.
Theodosia: The brother of the leader of Sandpoint.
Ruperta/Amber/who knows: Varisian thieving con woman.
Goblins: we have been ambushed by them once they are quite weak alone but they seem to travel in large groups. (OOC>Other goblinoids usually accompany them< OOC)

Important PC decisions thus far

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