Half Orc cleric of Gorum. If you threaten him or anyone not deserving of it he will sacrifice you to his god


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Grummsh’s interest in Gorum started as a child when he was taught that brute strength was the way to victory for years. He trained honing his speed and strength, only to be injured near death in his first battle. Forced to sit on the sidelines for months his muscles began to grow weaker but he found studies and a teacher which taught him to spread the word of his god with a heavy hand and a keen intellect. With these teachings he became the next in line to be a cleric of Gorum. Through this new knowledge he pushed his brethren to give up the way of brutality and learn how to get what they wanted with kind words and friendship with other settlements. He had several followers in his beliefs when the chieftain exiled him for teaching ideas that would offend Gorum. Grummsh continued his idealistic preaching and studies of the way of Gorum through philosophy more then written word. He would go from settlement to settlement to preach, and was often kicked out or attacked by the people of other races and even his own. Despite these problems he continued his preaching of Gorum and a kinder society of half orcs. He is still a ferocious fighter and preacher but holds himself back in most social situations to help people understand he is not a savage who lives only for blood. He was blessed early in life with a teacher who helped him look past his heritage and onto what the half orc race could achieve. They could be more then orc kin mongrels they can be whatever they want if they fight for it with not only swords but words. Grummsh himself was not a speaker he was a fighter and a preacher who could only connect with those that had Gorums ideals and will in their hearts. He still believes that one day his brethren will reach their potential if only they could find someone to represent the wills of the orcs in a more diplomatic manner. For now Grummsh will spread the word of Gorum through fist, sword, tooth, and words of praise.

Companionship: he has no need for companion beyond his god and followers of his god.

social traits: stands up for people treated poorly for race or looks.

connection to caravan: looking for a place with less prejudice to spread the word of Gorum. This caravan seems to be the perfect way of finding that place.

Ulterior motive: To start a monastery of worthy fighters that will be worthy of Gorums might.

meditation tchniques: Shaolin meditation techniques



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